Backlinks Are Losing Some Of Their Power

seomoz office tourThings are changing quickly online as normal and SEO is no exception.

I just got back from a fantastic 3 day conference in Seattle put on by the fine folks at SEOmoz and I learned some things that I will be sharing here and in our members site over the next couple weeks.

Although I saw it coming eventually, I think we may actually be turning the corner on the ease of rankings by simply building links.

Don’t get me wrong, linking is extremely important, but at least according to a very impressive tool I got to see in action at SEOmoz, it may be taking a back seat to relevant content very soon.

This makes perfect sense to me, especially looking at things from Google’s perspective.

I’ve been saying this for years and will repeat it again here…

Content is king!

Over the next few months, if you have not noticed this already, you will start seeing pages and sites ranking higher than other pages and sites that actually appear to have a lot more backlinks.

I will post more info on this over the coming weeks and months after I get a chance to do some testing and get a little rest after the nasty red-eye flight I just got off ;)

Stay tuned.

Scot Standke – Founder

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Niche Finder

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How To Write Profit Pulling Copy

One of the most common questions I get on a weekly basis is something along the lines of, “Hey Scot, I need some help with copywriting, do you teach that or recommend something I can read or watch”

Two of the greatest recent copywriters are John Carlton and Gary Halbert. You can’t go wrong with anything from John Carlton and you can get free access to Gary Halbert here:

Gary Halbert Newsletter

Now, here is a short little video by Jay Abraham that will turbo boost you to writing killer copy in under ten minutes, no kidding:

Jay Abraham Copywriting Video


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